10,894 Oregonians spoke their minds.

The gap between what our students
need and what we are giving
them is too large.

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Earlier this year, 10,894 Oregonians spoke their minds – and hearts – about education. Despite the astonishing number of voices, Oregonians are in remarkable agreement: The gap between what Oregon students need and what we are giving them is far too large. They asked that we close it, and offered thousands of suggestions.

Two categories accounted for the vast majority of the comments:

Add teachers and staff to make classes smaller and provide an education that better engages students so that they are able to learn what they need to be successful.
Provide a broad education. Move beyond science, to technology and engineering (STEM/STEAM). Restore art and music. Offer hands-on experiences. Provide vocational and career technical opportunities. Offer more reading and writing. Teach civics and culture.

We also learned that Oregonians make two important connections:

97% consider a good education "very important" for the future of each student, and 94% consider it "very important" for the future of the state.


They understand the connection between large class sizes, lack of individual attention and guidance, and the need for more teachers.

Most of all, thousands of people described education as the solution to many of the challenges that face us individually and collectively as a state.

We learned a tremendous amount by reading the words of our neighbors. You will too. Read on.

The Quick Report

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The Full Report

This document reports and analyzes the survey findings at a detailed level. It also includes more information about the survey methodology.

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"Well rounded...an education that complements the individual child's talents and abilities, but still offers opportunity to challenge the student. An education that gets away from the cookie-cutter mentality that says every student must go to college or every student must excel in certain things to be a success..."

—Mother, Eastern Oregon